Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Work

I began creating a new body of ceramic work in January of this year. I am continuing to work with figurative ceramic sculpture. Some of the photos posted are still considered works in progress. I really do love being able to fire my work multiple times to achieve the surface I want. I am experimenting with layering underglaze and using different application processes. I am playing with figurative functional work along with figurative sculpture. Figurative face jugs and tea sets and containers, sculpture that has hidden function, a dual purpose. I am very drawn to the concept of marrying a powerful piece of sculpture with a utilitarian intention

Anitan, Face jug, PL Deaton 2013

                               NagasheeFace jug, PL Deaton 2013

                           Three Sisters Tea, Tea Set, PL Deaton 2013
                     One affects the whole, face jug, PL Deaton 2013

The content of my sculptural work is evolving as I struggle through levels of understanding my deeper self.  I have been dwelling on shadows and how they fleet unnoticed through our lives. Casting themselves across our paths and over our bodies. Sun shadows and moon shadows and shade shadows. Faint and blurry or dark and defined, hovering always near, connecting us to our surroundings. Their subtle presence ignored by busy eye. 

                 Shadow of the Black Swan, PL Deaton 2013

                                 Shadowings, PL Deaton 2013

                             The Lies We Tell, PL Deaton 2013

                               Agnelo, PL Deaton 2013

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