Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going from large to small

As the smothering heat intensifies outdoors, I am taking refuge in my air conditioned studio. We are trying to be conservative by shutting the ac off at night and not turning it on again until around 11am since our house cools off at night. My lilies and cone flowers are in desperate need of rain as I am sure many others are. Until we get a break from this heat, I am thankful for an air conditioned studio!
I am focusing better on "working small" again. My life size installation at the Indianapolis Art Center is a success and it doesn't come down until August 1st, so that buys me some time to focus on dolls.
I have five dolls in progress right now, each in a different stage. I am playing with a design for a doll that sits (I know that doesn't sound difficult but I like to be different so I am trying to come up with a way to use my canvas base and that is a challenge). My latest doll on ebay is larger and more colorful than the last one and she has two very loyal cats to accompany her. I really like the aristocratic design and I plan on creating many more. I am going to fade out my listings on ebay over the next couple of months and move to using Etsy more. I feel like ebay is becoming way too commercialized and not as artist friendly. Well enough typing, time to get back to creating!!