Saturday, September 25, 2010

New on Etsy for Halloween

I decided to create some little cuties for the October season. They each hold a halloweeny balloon that is removable.

The First of Two Halloween Offerings on Ebay

This pair of sisters can be a little odd. Instead of being afraid of scary things they actually prefer them. Here is their story:

Sister’s Haunted House

Tuesday and Wednesday are somewhat creepy by nature
Their favorite pets are two bats and a one eyed alligator.
Their haunted playhouse is quirky and creaky and weird
It is filled with freaky things that keep them quite scared.
Tuesday loves her balcony where she croakingly croons
As the haunted playhouse sways being pulled by the moon.
Wednesday and Tuesday love nights most of all
Especially combined with the cool chill of fall.
These two strange sisters have oodles of fun
Keeping all of their friends and foes on the run!

Two Sisters and a Hobby Horse

Desdemona, Helena (and Charles) are an one of my latest creations. These two sisters get along great until they have to share Charles (the hobby horse) and that causes problems. Most siblings have that specific toy that they both want to play with but there just happens to be only ONE. So a conflict erupts that shakes the world (unless one sibling is a lot bigger than the other!)
This trio went to a wonderful home up in Connecticut just recently.