Monday, February 1, 2010

It's February Already?!?

WHOA!!!!! Where did January go??? I feel like I just lost an entire month. Must have been the Christmas Chaos and not taking down the Christmas tree yet. Yes you read correctly, we still have not taken down the tree. We are trying a little psychological experiment to see if leaving the tree up will help to ward off seasonal depression. So far it seems to help. Sure made January fly by.

I have quite a bit of "art in progress" but the final completion of things is a bit slow. I find myself having difficulty settling on one particular definite style for any length of time. I never had this problem with my large gallery installation work. That work was always cohesive and flowed with a unity that I am fighting for now with my small creations. I love each individual piece that I create but I feel a tad ADHD about the body of work. Making dolls is not an easy thing especially when you strive to create something really different and unique. With my artwork, I have always pushed to create things that have not been done before. I created my own paper clay recipe in grad school and I still use it to this day. I love the stuff and have never found anything like it.

I feel myself starting to get the itch to reenter the gallery scene again. I am starting the imagining process for a body of work but that will have to brew for a little while. In the meantime, I really love creating "dolls" but really I don't look at them as "dolls". They are small figurative sculptures with personality.

We have our last grandbaby due here in a week (that makes four in the last 6 months). It looks like we will have a long break for a while after this one. That will give us a total of 7 grandchildren. What blessings!!!

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  1. Happy February! Great new piece! I know what you mean by feeling a tad ADHD. So many ideas and not enough hours in the day. lol I find I'm constantly changing styles... which I guess is the artists perogitive. Fun Christmas tree idea. :-)