Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have been utterly exhausted lately. Maybe because I am an art teacher and the school year is wrapping up. I travel between two schools everyday (high school and elementary) and by the end of the school year I am worn out. We have had an art show at both schools within the last few weeks and boy am I glad those are over. The countdown has begun and we only have 6 days left. My photography students at the high school are rather sad to see the semester end (we've had a great time) and the elementary younguns are itchin to run through the fields and go to the swimming pool. In between teaching, mothering, and trying to be an attentive wife I am also a very dedicated and passionate artist. The artist has had to take a break for a while though (something had to give) otherwise who knows. Once school is out, I can dive head first into creating and spend most of my day dreaming, inventing, and constructing. What Bliss!! My works in progress have been waiting patiently and my drawings have been gazing intently at me wondering when we will begin. "Soon", I say to them, "Very soon indeed!".

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