Sunday, March 29, 2009

Past artwork

In the beginning....hard to say which beginning exactly, there have been so many.
-mud pies
-rock towers
-graphite portraits
-surrealist drawings
-charcoal drawings
-large sculpture
-installation sculpture
-miniature face jugs
-primitive figurative sculpture

Photos here are from installation work between 2000 and 2002.
The black and white photos are from the Carnegie Art Center in Covington, Kentucky.
The sculptures are made from a chicken wire armature with my paper clay recipe over top. The sculptures were extremely durable and yet very light weight. The installation consisted of nest forms that were emerging into (or regressing from) various stages of human configuration. The installation dealt with the idea of birth and death in a very primitive manner. The main figure, holding the branch, represents the mother/earth from which springs forth all physical life and to which all physical life returns in death.
The color photos are of an outdoor installation located at the Ohio River Grasses exhibit in Cincinnati, Ohio. The installation depicts our connection with nature (trees in particular) and our dependence upon the survival of nature for our own subsistence. In another way , the installation portrays the cycle of life (and of life and death). the sculptures were created with a chicken wire armature, my paper clay, and branches. The installation held up quite well for four months outdoors.

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